How do I choose a wireless headset?

A wireless earphone, also known as true wireless earphone, is one of the advanced forms of wired earphones. It has become a trendy and essential accessory that allows you to listen to music on your own. That said, if you plan to take this equipment, you will have to take into account certain criteria to make a good choice.

Choose based on comfort and fit

To choose a good wireless listening device, there are a number of things to consider. Among these, there is above all the comfort and also the support. Indeed, the auditory canal of each human being differs from one person to another. Therefore, in order to adapt to all types of people, you can choose between three types of wireless earphones. First, there are button-type earphones like the AirPods. Less intrusive and with non-existent passive isolation, they fit in your ears in a delicate way. In second place, you'll find the in-ear earphones that offer good support and passive isolation. Lastly, one finds the semi-in-ear which compared to its counterpart is slightly different. Recommended for a sporting use, the mouthpiece is less intrusive to allow to hear a little bit the external noises.

Choose based on sound quality

A quality wireless earphone is also judged by the sound it emits. The objective here is to check whether the quality of the sound emitted is good enough. In order to do this, we recommend that you rely on the product's technical sheet. Using Bleutooth technology, this is one of the first things you need to check. Thanks to the latter, the transmission of sound between your smartphone and the headset is done. Thus, on board almost all headphones we find at least a Bleutooth 5.2. If you do not have a Bleutooth of this speed, choose a device with a Bleutooth 5.0. Then take the time to check the codecs. These are the encoding mechanisms on your cell phone that the headset must decrypt. In fact, at this level, the codecs of your headset must be compatible with the one that your smartphone will communicate through the sounds.

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