E-reader selection criteria

The e-reader is a digital device adopted by many reading fans. It lets you have reading material right at your fingertips, without having to carry a book. The aim is to make your task as easy as possible, in the sense that you no longer have to lug around the weight of a book. In this article, we'll tell you on what basis to choose your e-reader.

The format

It's true that all e-readers adapt easily to HTML, PDF and TXT files. However, the most widely used format for digital books is EPUB. It works equally well on exotic brand devices and on the Kobo, it's quite simply the best e-reader you can find. On the other hand, you should be aware that if you buy a kindle e-reader from Amazon, it will be complicated, if not impossible, to exploit EPUB files natively. For those of you who already own books in EPUB format, we advise you to use a software program to convert them. You can use the ebook management program calibre, which is an excellent conversion tool. To make things easier for you, on Amazon you can also convert directly via the application. Basically, if you already have your own digital library, or in partnership with friends who are willing to send you their book. You'll need to check the file format carefully to buy a device that will be compatible.

Brightness and display

One of the advantages of a reading light is that it doesn't affect your vision. This is made possible by the use of electronic ink. Unlike other devices such as tablets and the like, you don't have to worry about headaches because they don't affect your eyes at all. In fact, all screens use the same process, but don't have the same values or advantages. Resolution ranges from 600x800 to 1400x10800 pixels. It's important not to confuse resolution with definition, as these are two very different indicators. To get a precise result, you can accompany this data on technical files with the number of pixels per inch. The higher the above-mentioned values, the better the display quality. This is a very important point that you need to keep a close eye on if you want to enjoy comfortable reading. However, some e-reader models are color-compatible. This option is perfect for comic book fans.


Make sure your e-reader can be connected to a Wi-Fi network, but especially a 4G connection. In fact, some e-readers only have Wi-Fi, which limits downloads when you're away from home. This is not necessarily a problem for those who spend more time at home than elsewhere. On the other hand, for travelers, it's important to opt for a e-reader that lets you use the 4G connection. The aim is to enable you to use it wherever you go. On the market today, you'll find very simple versions of e-readers that can be operated with buttons, as well as those that are completely tactile. Before you buy your e-reader, be sure to test it in the store to get an idea of its practicality. Basically, ask as many questions as you can to find out as much as you can about the item you're buying to make it easier to use. 

Here are a few criteria for choosing a reading light.