What are the strategies of gates of olympus?

The basis for winning a gambling game is to have a well defined strategy. In a gambling game, the results are random, hence the importance of strategy to avoid making bad bets. In this article, we will tell you about the different strategies to play this slot machine.

The parlay strategy

Crazy Time, that's what a game of gambling takes you without a basic strategy, which can be easily remedied by the parlay strategy. Still called anti-Martingale, it allows you to raise twice the bet after a win and not after a loss. It is strongly discouraged to double down after a loss, instead, you should take a step back and take stock. When the player loses the game, he/she must start over with the first bet. This is a practical solution used by players in many games of chance, including gates of olympus. The most important thing here is to know in advance the point of return, the winnings and to start again each time you reach the set goal. There are combinations in this game that do not cover the bet at all, which can lead to loss cases. You need to take this into account when using this strategy. The parlay strategy will help the player to make thoughtful bets, be focused and play a little longer.

The pyramid strategy

This strategy is based on the theory of balance, which allows the player to increase the size of the bet. He must do this in equal steps to reach the limit of one hundred euros in order to gradually go down to the minimum bet. Before using this strategy for gates of olympus, you should know that it involves two distinct parameters. There is the face value as well as the number of coins. In other words, it is not uniform. The pyramid strategy is rather simple without too much redundancy. There is also the bonus strategy that runs in automatic mode. In other words, the rounds follow one after the other. In this case, the player just notices the wins, multipliers and combinations. It is impossible to influence the outcome of the bonus game in any physical way. The player must also determine the size of his bankroll.

The umbrella strategy

This is a strategy that serves not only as a guide for the beginner, but also for the experienced player. With this strategy, the player can plan each step of a specific game in advance to avoid random bets. He or she will also not lose money unnecessarily. To create his own game plan, the player follows certain steps. Before he starts spinning the reels of the slot machine, he considers the style of the game. He does the same for the bankroll size and finally the time available. Start the game with a small bet and then slowly go up to a certain amount preferably the ceiling and then down again. This variation should be done without sudden jumps and in the smoothest way possible. There is also the win-win strategy. Here the player must learn to use the strategy to limit the risks and increase his chances of winning. The motto of this strategy can be zero fail or lose. 

Here are the strategies you can use to play gates of olympus.