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Richard Ghail
Venus Geoscience and Radar Mapping
Civil and Environmental Engineering,
Imperial College London,
London, SW7 2AZ United Kingdom
email: r.ghail@imperial.ac.uk
telephone:  +44 207 594 6001
Core Team Members:  
Colin Wilson
Atmospheric Science
Atmospheric Physics,
University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Thomas Widemann
Ultraviolet, Visible and Infrared Spectroscopy
LESIA, Observatoire de Paris,
Caroline Dumoulin
Interior Dynamics
Laboratoire de Planétologie et Géodynamique de Nantes,
Ann Carine Vandaele
Spectroscopy and Solar Occultation
Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy,
Philippa Mason
Surface Processes
Earth Science and Engineering,
Imperial College London, United Kingdom
Lorenzo Bruzzone
Subsurface Sounding
Remote Sensing Laboratory,
University of Trento, Italy
Jörn Helbert
Thermal Infrared Mapping
Institute for Planetary Research,
DLR, Germany
Chris Cochrane
Radar Systems Engineering
Earth Science and Engineering,
Imperial College London, United Kingdom
Pascal Rosenblatt
Spin Dynamics
Royal Observatory of Belgium
Brussels, Belgium
Emmanuel Marcq
Volcanic Gas Retrievals
LATMOS, Université de Versailles Saint-
Quentin, France
Robbie Herrick
Geophysical Institute,
University of Alaska, Fairbanks, United States
Louis-Jerome Burtz
Outreach and Systems Engineering
Toulouse, France


EnVision M4 official supporters :
(having given their consent to their name and affiliation being listed in the proposal)


Hernán Meier Instituto Balseiro Argentina
Negin Fouladi Moghaddam Monash University, Victoria Australia
Stefan Hofmeister University of Graz Austria
Robert-Jan Koopmans FOTEC GmbH Austria
Johannes Leitner University of Vienna Austria
Veronique Dehant Royal Observatory of Belgium Belgium
Laurent Fissiaux University of Namur Belgium
Jean-Claude Gerard Universite de Liege Belgium
Cedric Gillmann Royal Observatory of Belgium Belgium
Ozgur Karatekin Royal Observatory of Belgium Belgium
Arnaud Mahieux IASB/BIRA Belgium
Lena Noack Royal Observatory of Belgium Belgium
Pascal Rosenblatt Royal Observatory of Belgium Belgium
Arnaud Stiepen University of Liège Belgium
Ann Carine Vandaele Belgian Institute for Space Aeronomy Belgium
Valérie Wilquet IASB/BIRA Belgium
Maria Gritsevich Finnish Geodetic Institute Finland
Marlène Arrignon ISAE France
Elie Bechara ISAE France
Jonathan Besserer LPG-Nantes, CNRS/Université de Nantes France
Mathieu Bouffard LGLTPE, ENS Lyon France
Olivier Bourgeois LPG-Nantes France
Benjamin Breyer ISAE Supaero France
Louis Jerome Burtz ISAE Supaero France
Eric Chassefiere GEOPS, CNRS & Universite Paris Sud France
Gael Choblet CNRS - Université de Nantes France
Esminezhad Clément ISAE France
Bertrand Cluzet ISAE Supaero France
Dawa Derksen ISAE Supaero France
William Desprats ISAE France
Caroline Dumoulin LPG-Nantes, CNRS/Université de Nantes France
Romina Fenker ENSEEIHT France
Thierry Fouchet LESIA, Observatoire de Paris France
Gabriella Gilli LMD-UPMC, Paris France
Gustavo Gonzalez ISAE France
Clemence Herny LPG-Nantes France
Clément Jonglez ISAE Supaero France
Aravind K S ISAE France
Laetitia Le Deit LPG-Nantes France
Stéphane Le Mouélic LPG-Nantes CNRS/Université de Nantes France
Sebastien Lebonnois CNRS/UPMC France
Henri Lefevre ISAE Supaero France
Emmanuel Lellouch Observatoire de Paris France
Damien Loizeau Université de Lyon France
Anni Määttänen CNRS France
Camille Marcenat ISAE Supaero France
Emmanuel Marcq Univ. Versailles St Quentin/LATMOS France
Eduardo Martin Lopez ISAE France
Jean-Charles Marty CNES France
Clément Masson ISAE Supaero France
Giuseppe Mitri Universite de Nantes France
Marion Nachon Planetary Sciences Community France
Dominique Nicolas CEA-Leti France
Maxime Pasquet ISAE France
Arianna Piccialli LESIA - Observatoire de Paris France
Sebastien Rodriguez AIM - University Paris Diderot France
Florian Roger ISAE France
Loïc Rossi LATMOS/UVSQ France
Fabien Royer ISAE Supaero France
Tristan Sarton du Jonchay ISAE France
Frédéric Schmidt GEOPS, Univ. Paris Sud, CNRS France
Boris Segret Paris Observatory, ESEP France
Camille Sigoillot ISAE France
Blandin Steve ISAE Supaero France
Maximilian Taillandier ISAE France
Erwan Thebault LPG Nantes France
Gabriel Tobie CNRS/University of Nantes France
Jonas Verley ISAE France
Thomas Widemann LESIA, Observatoire de Paris France
de Capèle Xavier ISAE Supaero France
Jan Zeman ISAE France
Judy Zouaoui CEA-Leti France
Gabriele Arnold DLR Germany
Jörn Helbert DLR Germany
Andreas Kleinschneider TU Delft Germany
Urs Mall Max-Planck Institute for Solar System Research Germany
Dirk Plettemeier Technische Universität Dresden Germany
Dirk Schulze-Makuch WSU/TU Berlin Germany
Manuela Sornig RIU-PF University of Cologne Germany
Silvia Tellmann RIU Cologne Department of Planetary Research Germany
Karoly Szego Wigner Res. Center for Physics Hungary
Anil Bhardwaj SPL-VSSC India
Saumya Lokhandwala ISAE India
Anthony Donohoe Maynooth University Ireland
Pamela Martin Armagh Observatory Ireland
Francesca Bovolo Fondazione Bruno Kessler Italy
Lorenzo Bruzzone University of Trento Italy
Leonardo Carrer University of Trento Italy
davide castelletti University of Trento Italy
Antonio Gurciullo KTH Royal Institute of Technology Italy
Ana-Maria Ilisei University of Trento Italy
GORO Komatsu IRSPS, Università d'Annunzio Italy
Lucia Marinangeli University d'Annunzio, IRSPS Italy
Matteo Massironi University of Padova, Dip. Geoscienze Italy
Alessandra Migliorini IAPS-INAF Italy
Roberto Orosei Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica Italy
Samuel Furse Universiteit Utrecht Netherlands
Frank van Ruitenbeek University of Twente Netherlands
Iris van Zelst Utrecht University Netherlands
Paul Magnus Sørensen-Clark University of Oslo, ESAC trainee Norway
Agata Białek Space Research Centre Polish Academy of Sciences Poland
Pedro Machado Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences - IA Portugal
Marta Oliveira Instituto Superior Técnico Portugal
Denis Belyaev Space Research Institute (IKI RAS) Russia
Dmitry Gorinov Space Research Institute (IKI RAS) Russia
Nikolay Ignatiev Space Research Institute (IKI RAS) Russia
Ivan Vasko Space Research Institute (IKI RAS) Russia
Liudmila Zasova Space Research Institute (IKI RAS) Russia
Matus Bakon Slovak University of Technology Slovakia
Daniel Amor Martín CEO RBZ Spain
Thomas Cornet European Space Astronomy Centre Spain
Ricardo Hueso Universidad del País Vasco Spain
Pedro Leon Asociación AstroInnova - SondasEspaciales.com Spain
Ivan Lopez Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Spain
Iván López Universidad Rey Juan Carlos Spain
Donald Merritt Telespazio Vega UK Spain
Gregorio Molina-Cuberos Universidad Murcia Spain
Javier Peralta Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía Spain
Santiago Perez-Hoyos UPV/EHU Spain
Agustin Sanchez Lavega Universidad Pais Vasco Spain
Jan-Erik Wahlund Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF) Sweden
Peter Wurz University of Bern Switzerland
Martin Airey University of Oxford UK
Gordon Aitken South Wiltshire University Technical College UK
Matthew Balme Open University UK
Juliet Biggs University of Bristol UK
Frances Cooepr University of Bristol UK
David Cullen Cranfield University UK
Joel Davis University College London UK
Marina Galand Imperial College London UK
Richard Ghail Imperial College London UK
Jon Green Adeptium Consulting Ltd. UK
David Grinspoon Planetary Science Institute UK
Jennifer Harris Birkbeck, University of London UK
Catherine Hayer University of Oxford UK
Daniel Hourigan Imperial College London UK
Sion Hughes Open University UK
Sion Hughes Open University UK
William Hutchison University of Oxford UK
Huma Irfan UCL/Birkbeck, University of London UK
Edwin Kite University of Chicago UK
Mark Leese The Open University UK
Philippa Mason Imperial College London UK
Ingo Mueller-Wodarg Imperial College London UK
Tom Nordheim University College London UK
Graeme Poole Imperial College London UK
Gemma Prata University of Oxford UK
David Pyle Univ Oxford UK
Samantha Reagan None UK
Sarah Tallett-Williams Imperial College London UK
Fred Taylor Oxford University UK
Nicholas Teanby University of Bristol UK
Ryan Timoney University of Glasgow UK
Emil Ushev Imperial College London UK
Martin Wells BP UK
Ming Hung Weng Raytheon UK/Newcastle University UK
Colin Wilson Oxford University UK
Sushil Atreya University of Michigan, Ann Arbor USA
Robert Carlson Jet Propulsion Laboratory, CalTech USA
Yann Charront Aerospace Systems Design Laboratory, Georgia Tech USA
R. Todd Clancy Space Science Institute USA
David Crisp Jet Propulsion Laboratory, CalTech USA
Justin Erwin University of Arizona USA
Christopher Frank Georgia Institute of Technology USA
Robert Grimm Southwest Research Institute USA
Vicki Hansen University of Minnesota USA
Robbie Herrick Geophysical Institute University of Alaska USA
Noam Izenberg JHU/APL USA
Kandis-Lea Jessup Southwest Research Institute USA
Sanjay Limaye University of Wisconsin USA
Janet Luhmann SSL University of California USA
Franz Meyer Geophysical Institute University of Alaska USA
Karl Mitchell Jet Propulsion Laboratory, CalTech USA
Scot Rafkin Southwest Research Institute USA
Nilton Renno MIT USA
Christoper Russell UCLA USA
Dustin Schroeder Jet Propulsion Laboratory, CalTech USA
Buck Sharpton Lunar and Planetary Institute USA
Ted Stryk Roane State Community College USA
Allan Treiman Lunar and Planetary Institute USA
Constantine Tsang SwRI USA


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