France's richest cities : some of France's largest cities

France is a European country with a high degree of urbanisation. It is open to the business world, which makes it possible to distinguish several rich men. These men founded cities in which there was a high concentration of aristocrats. This article reviews some of France's wealthy cities.

The city of Lyon

Identifying Lyon as one of the richest cities in france is not an isolated fact, on the contrary, it is justified by a number of elements. Indeed, this city located in the region of Auvergne Rhône Alpes has several plutocrats. This plutocracy is due to the fact that Lyon is a commercial and industrial centre. Lyon's aristocrats contribute enormously to the development of the country with 2198 people paying wealth tax. The average wealth of the Lyonnais is around €2,400,000. Its inhabitants regularly pay social security contributions, which are around €9,577.

The city of Paris

The French capital is undoubtedly a rich city because of its status. Indeed, many businessmen have invaded this city as it is the capital of France. It is a city that is identified as the centre of the world where its culture, art and gastronomy seduce many. Thus, the Parisian tycoons play a determining role in the contribution to the taxpayer. Indeed, more than 39911 people pay their wealth tax. Social security contributions amount to €11,205. On average, the wealth of the City of Light reaches the €2519,000 mark. Urbanisation is at its best in this city thanks to well-built roads and huge skyscrapers.

The city of Marseille

It is a port city and very diversified. Thus, Marseille, the second largest city in France, is favourable to transit and business. As a result, there are many rich men who have impacted this city with their wealth. From luxury vehicles to dazzling houses, the city of Marseille indeed reveals wealth. In this regard, there are 1536 people who do not hesitate to pay their wealth taxes regularly. With an average wealth of €2235,000, Marseillais contribute €8900 to the French taxpayer.

The city of Bordeaux

Located in the southwest of France, the city of Bordeaux is renowned for its architecture and the wines it produces. It is a hub of tourism in France in the same way as Paris. The various activities carried out in this city give rise to nearly 1707 people who replenish the state's coffers with wealth tax. 10000€ are collected as social contributions in Bordeaux and the wealth of this city reaches 2325000€. The city of Bordeaux belongs to the department of Gironde.

The city of Nice

Nice is one of the wealthiest cities in France and for good reason, it has a vibrant art scene and remarkable architecture. It offers a resort experience because of its many beaches. As a result, there are approximately 1,282 people who pay wealth tax. With an average wealth of €2229,000, the people of Nice pay €9,000 in social security contributions. It is a well built city with a good business climate. Nice is in the Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur region.

The city of Toulouse

Technology and aeronautics are sectors in which France's fourth largest city excels. It promotes innovations that bring added value to its inhabitants. As a result, the city's wealth is around €2,500,000 and at the same time 1,225 Toulouse residents pay wealth tax. The average contribution in Toulouse can be calculated at around 8990€.