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What is the support form for?

Why should I sign up to support EnVision?

To support our mission and help build momentum to convince ESA, we set up a quick and efficient form.
This form is the basis for creating the list of supporters which will be part of the proposal. This fifty page document submitted to ESA aims at proving the science return enabled by the proposed mission, outlining its profile and justifying its technical feasibility. It will be submitted to peer reviewed technical and scientific review, the recommendations of which will decide what are the missions who will receive funding for further definition study.
This is why the supporter annex is so important: quantification of mission science interest, pertinence and timeliness are also influenced by the quality and number of backers.
We invite any individuals who either are or would like to be working on Venus and its geology, geomorphology or atmosphere, to please register your interest with us. You can find the latest information concerning the proposal on our website: http://www.envisionm4.net/ For the official Letter of Intent and other relevant publications, be sure to visit the Resources page!
Your email address and other personal information are safe with us and will not be shared with any other third party.

As this is part of a government program to benefit Europe as a whole, we are also keen on proving general public enthusiasm. One of the great objectives of planetary exploration fostered by EnVision is to inspire the new generation into pursuing studies and careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.
Signing up takes less than a minute at http://www.envisionvenus.net
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