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What are the next milestones?

EnVision next milestones to Venus

What has EnVision achieved, what is the path forward?

The core team currently assembled is confident and brings balanced diversity to the table. The system’s design has evolved to focus on specific targets and nurture synergistic technical solutions. Collaboration with Airbus Defence and Space (Space Systems) led to the development of a modified version of their NovaSAR‐S radar payload called VenSAR, which offers greater capability for reduced mass and cost. EnVision now also features a streamlined instrument suite, significantly enhanced communications, and a revised mission profile, developed with support of the whole Venus science community and many in the Earth Observation community.

A list of the supporters who endorse the proposal is another important aspect, demonstrating to ESA the significance of the mission to the Venus community, the Earth Observation community, scientists, engineers, faculty, professionals and enthusiasts. We will include their names and affiliation as annex to the proposal.
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