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Frequently Asked Questions

Browse below a growing collection of answers to the feedback we receive through the comment section on the support form or emails addressed to contact@envisionvenus.net. Do not hesitate to contribute using these options or through our Facebook group!

Terrestrial planets Banner

How close to the Sun is Venus compared to Earth?

Terrestrial planets Banner

Earth and Venus, what is the link?

Venera landing site Banner

Is this the first exploration of Venus?

Increasing windspeed on Venus Banner

Is the timing right? Enabling future exploration?

Souther Hemisphere of Venus by Venus Express Banner

What is the legacy of Venus Express?

InSAR of Etna by ESA and JPL

What world-wide firsts will EnVision accomplish?

EnVision artist impression with radar banner

What is a Radar exactly? How will the radar work?

Sentinel 1 in orbit artist impression ESA Banner

Is EnVision technically feasible?

Milestones for EnVision

What are the next milestones?

Venus in google Earth with Magellan data Banner

How much public enthusiasm is there?

Magellan Stereo data banner

What is the support form for? Why should I sign up?

... to be continued through your suggestions!

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