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Understanding why our most Earth-like neighbour is so different

EnVision is Europe's Revolutionary New Mission to Venus

There are two Earth-sized planets in our solar system: we live on one and the other is the closest place we know to hell.

Why are they so different?... EnVision aims to find out.

EnVision has four major science themes:

  1. Activity (volcanism, tectonism, mass wasting, weathering, sedimentation, volatile sources and sinks)
  2. History (stratigraphy, past environments, ancient terrains, signatures of past oceans, climate change)
  3. Volatiles (water, sulphur dioxide, clouds, volcanic gases, dynamic processes)
  4. Planet (geodesy, spin, organisation, tectonics, internal structure and long-term evolution)

and three main instruments:

which combine with radio science, using its high gain antenna, to provide an unprecedented view of the interior, surface and atmosphere of Venus.

EnVision has been selected for three years Phase A study in the ESA M5 programme, with financial support from the Belgium, French, German, Italian and UK Space Agencies, and NASA.

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